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How We're Helping Doctors

Accidents Are Bound to Happen​

As a dentist, you know all too well that you rely on your hands to provide care to your patients. During a trip overseas, you hurt your hand in a way that it prevents you from working for weeks or months at a time. During this time, you have patients as well as staff members who are depending on you each and every day. With the help of Dental Safety Net, a local dentist connected through this particular network can step in and help when and if it is needed. This gives you time to recover from your injury while still keeping up with your dental practice.

Surgeries & Recoveries

Even mild surgeries require patients to recover for weeks or even months at a time. While you’re recovering, you may not have the ability to keep up with your private dental practice. This could mean that you lose patients, money and that your employees fall on hard times themselves. Dental Safety Net has you covered so that you can have surgery and not have to worry about being in the office the next day. Contact us so that we can help to answer any of your questions regarding our revolutionary network of dental professionals.

The Unexpected

While we all like to think we’re taking good care of ourselves, medical conditions can happen in the blink of an eye. A stroke or heart attack may leave you feeling helpless, especially when it comes to keeping up with a busy dental practice. When you are experiencing a tragic life event that compromises your ability to work, Dental Safety Net is there to help in ways that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own. By providing you help through a local dental provider, you can recover from your health problems before returning to work.

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A saftey net created by dentist for denstists in their times of need.

Accident Assistance

With 29 years of general practice under my belt and a history of high school and college summer jobs that involved furniture moving, I was not surprised that my back was chronically sore.  However, it became progressively worse.  When my left leg started to get weak, I knew I needed to get it checked out asap. Assuming I had a bulging or herniated disc that would need some routine surgery or PT, I was shocked to learn that I had a very large tumor in my spinal cord, from L2-L4. I was told to immediately find a neurosurgeon with spinal oncology expertise.  To say the least, this was devastating news.  I needed to get things rolling asap, as my leg was getting weaker, and my low back, more painful by the week.  I had a complete ‘Neuroaxis MRI scan’ with and without contrast from brain to cauda equina, to rule out a drop metastasis.  I was able to find a talented neurosurgeon with the requisite experience in North Seattle and was on the table for 7.5 hours of microsurgical dissection within three weeks of the tumor being discovered. 


The Unexpected

While we know that we are taking care of our health, medical conditions can happen in an instant. Something like a stroke or heart attack may leave you feeling helpless. When this happens Dental Safety Net has your back while you recover.

Minor Surgeries

Sometimes you maybe need to undergo a minor surgery; however, even the smaller surgeries may set you back a few weeks to months. Through the Dental Safety Network you can keep your practice running and retain your patients and financial well-being.