Connecting you to a network
to keep your business and protect your
financial well-being!

For Dentists By Dentists

Dental Safety Net was founded by dentists and solo practitioners as a way to protect dentists in their time of need. With the help of a connected group of dentists, you can have a local doctor come to your office and help in providing patient care and treatment if you are unable to work for days, weeks or even months at a time. The thought of losing a well-established practice because of an unexpected life event is difficult to fathom, which may leave you feeling alone in running your office.

Why We Founded Dental Safety Net

Dental Safety Net was created to help connect dentists with one another to help dentist under challenging circumstances. This might involve a death in the family, a medical emergency or major injuries. By connecting with people around you, you are able to keep your practice running so that your patients as well as your staff benefit. At all times, members of Dental Safety Net are properly screened to ensure they are licensed and credentialed to work within the field. There is peace of mind in knowing that you never have to leave your practice unattended thanks to what Dental Safety Net can do for you.

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