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If you’re a dental practitioner in America, there’s no question you’re feeling the devastating impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. You may find your business struggling to pay rent, bills, and other expenses while the country has virtually come to a standstill.
Certainly, there are essential businesses which are permitted to stay open – a small saving grace for some – but oftentimes, even these businesses are finding it difficult to maintain operations at the pre-pandemic level.

Dental services are no exception.

In most states, dental services are deemed essential, but only to a certain extent. While emergency appointments are permitted, anything that does not constitute as an emergency has to be postponed.

What this ultimately means is that helping patients to achieve and maintain good dental health is not as essential as we thought – a tough pill to swallow.

This also means your business is most likely suffering to stay afloat financially. As dental practitioners ourselves, we can completely relate to what you’re going through. After all, we have worked so long and hard to build our practices, gaining new clients, paying off student loans, and seeing our efforts come to fruition.

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.

Ray Goforth

COVID-19 was a wrench in our plans that we did not see coming.
While we are ultimately doing all we can to make it through the turmoil, an important lesson has also been learned – don’t wait to prepare until it’s too late.

“Our close-knit family of certified dental practitioners is here to support one another in the event of unforeseen emergencies,” says Dr. Bryan Brenner, Co-Founder of Dental Safety Net. “As we can all relate to now, more than ever, being prepared for an emergency can help to reduce a significant amount of stress. Contact us today and protect your hard-earned practice now.”